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Gait/Running Analysis

NYPT Health & Rehab offers comprehensive gait and running analysis in Flatiron, Midtown, Tribeca designed to facilitate more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for individuals suffering from pain or injury caused or exacerbated by nuances in how they move when walking or running.  Faulty gait mechanics, or biomechanical abnormalities, can result from anatomical or structural issues, strength or flexibility deficiencies, or simply fundamental flaws in how a person moves.  Improper biomechanics can result in overuse injuries, chronic pain or diminished performance.

Gait Assessment NYC

Our gait running analysis involves videotaping from multiple angles while you walk and/or run on a treadmill. The videotape is then analyzed thoroughly and a report is prepared that provides you with information related to any issues that may be contributing to pain, injury, or decreased performance levels.  This detailed analysis provides insight into potential causes of pain or injury and allows us to devise a more accurate treatment plan.  We can also provide you with advice on ways to change your gait in order to improve running mechanics and avoid future injury. Get a gait assessment now!

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