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Post and Pre Surgery Rehab

NYPT Health and Rehab offers pre and post surgical rehabilitation in NYC, helping patients to recover faster and more completely from a wide variety of injuries and conditions.

We offer orthopedic rehabilitation for every area and joint in the body, including the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip, knee and ankle.

Pre-Surgery Rehab

Pre-Surgical Rehab and strength training program has been shown to result in faster and easier recoveries after orthopedic surgery.  By improving strength, flexibility and mobility prior to surgery, we help to improve surgical outcomes, reduce complications, and leave patients better prepared following surgery to begin the healing process and get back on the road to recovery more quickly.

Post-Surgery Rehab

It provides a customized, one-on-one treatment and strength training programs that help patients maximize recovery, restore functionality, alleviate pain and prevent re-injury. We utilize a “holistic” approach to rehabilitation that is focused on strengthening the whole body, rather than simply the single point of injury.  This results in better post-surgical outcomes and a more complete recovery.  Our approach is comprehensive in nature and helps patients regain strength, flexibility, mobility and range of motion.

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