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Therapeutic Ultrasound

NYPT Health & Rehab offers therapeutic ultrasound in Flatiron, Midtown, Tribeca by experienced physical therapists.  Therapeutic ultrasound can improve blood flow, reduce swelling and inflammation, and relax tissues, promoting healing and recovery from injury and chronic pain conditions while also reducing associated pain.  Therapeutic ultrasound techniques have also been shown to break up or soften scar tissue beneath the skin’s surface.

Ultrasonic energy

Created by very high frequency sound waves, it stimulates connective tissue beneath the skin’s surfaceThe energy is transferred to the underlying tissue using an ultrasound transducer, a round tipped wand that remains in direct contact with the patient’s skin, and the process is completely non-invasive.  Therapeutic ultrasound is a common modality utilized during physical therapy and is typically used to treat sprains, strains, inflammation of joints (such as arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis), impingement syndrome and scar tissue adhesions, among other conditions.

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